Let’s run through the headlines

For those capable of stomaching a little more reality…  Matthew Continetti’s “Cold Open” from The Weekly Standard’s weekly email:

In this week’s magazine, Fred Barnes writes that “the Obama presidency has entered its pathetic phase“. And how!

Every day brings worse news for the White House. I’m reminded of September 2005, when Hurricane Katrina, bad news in Iraq, congressional scandals, and later Harriet Miers ended President Bush’s gut connection with the public. The consequences of all that bad news—and still more that was yet to come—were two horrendous elections for Republicans. A similar outcome may be in the Democrats’ future.

Let’s run through the headlines. On the domestic front, America remains mired in what will one day be known as the Second Great Depression. Obama’s job approval is sinking fast. The GOP just picked up a New York City House district that hasn’t been represented by a Republican in decades. For the first time, the White House is entangled in scandals, from Operation Fast and Furious to Solyndra to LightSquared. Topping it all off, the White House has to deal with accusations in Ron Suskind’s new book that the West Wing is a “hostile work environment” for women.

Then there’s the international scene. I’ll go over the threats in order of priority. The Middle East is on the verge of conflagration, with an ongoing Iranian nuclear weapons program, a belligerent and assertive Turkey, a desperate Syria, civil war in Libya, a state collapse in Yemen, deteriorating conditions in Egypt, and anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism on the rise. Meanwhile, the keystone cops at the White House are scrambling to avert a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood at the U.N., and Obama is pulling out troops prematurely from Iraq and Afghanistan.

I’m not finished. The eurozone may be coming undone. America looks like she’s giving up on East Asia by denying Taiwan weapons, criticizing the Taiwanese opposition, and cutting defense. And then there are all the other nasties: Kim, Putin, Chavez, Castro. Can’t forget about them.

Obama’s answer? A tax increase of more than a trillion dollars and doubling down on Obamacare.

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