There’s always a bigger fish

Another great cartoon from Michael Ramirez.  Unfunded public union pensions may bankrupt us before entitlements get the chance to.  There simply is not enough money to honor the promises made through the years so the benefits formulas will have to be adjusted.  Hard to believe a tiny and at the time innocuous sounding executive order by JFK could create such a gigantic economic and political mess

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4 Responses to There’s always a bigger fish

  1. Paul Marks says:

    Some States might have gone union (in their government) anyway – Wisconsin already was going that way. But, yes, Jack Kennedy made a terrible mistake – oddly enough a mistake F.D.R. would never have made (he was fine with unions smashing up private companies – by undermining his sacred government, oh dear no).

    Small rule changes do sometimes have huge effects.

    Two others from the early 1960s.

    The K. Amendments to the F.D.A. turned an already terrible organization into something that has made the development of meds so expensive and time consuming that that it has killed vast numbers of people, and given a de facto monopoly to a handful of companies.

    And the changes to FCC policy.

    Back before the Kennedy days, if you wanted a show on television what you had to do was find a company who really liked your ideas and would sponser you.

    A tough job – but possible as there were lots of companies who had the money to do that (if only you could convince them that your show was good and it would be a great thing to have their name associated with it).

    Then in the name of creative freedom……

    The FCC (by the choice of a Kennedy appointee) declared that content of shows should be up to the creative people in television itself.

    See the problem?

    That created a de facto cartel – ABC, CBS and NBC.

    A handful of people (all with much the same tastes) deciding what shows when on the air.

    In the name of creative freedom what creative freedom (choice) that existed was lost. And so (for example) entertainment shows on television now tend to have left-liberal politics.

    It is the same with unionized government.

    In the name of “extending democracy” (to the workplace) the left will bankrupt democracy.

    • John says:

      Thanks again Paul. I didn’t know the founding story of the Big 3 networks. To your other point: the slow approval of new drugs are just another one of the “costs” that are not correctly measured when considering healthcare policy. Lines, denied care, avoidable deaths, suffering…

  2. Paul Marks says:

    As Bastiat said so long ago….

    The benefits of government intervention (real or pretended) are open and obvious – politicians (and so on) shout about them all the time.

    But the costs (the harm done) is hidden away and not talked about by the leadership (if they even know of the costs).

    “What is seen – and what is unseen”,

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