This 35th edition of Astronomy Pictures of the Fortnight is a little lighter on the fantastic images and a little heavier on the cool explanations.  So you might enjoy clicking thru the gallery images below the slideshow and reading the extended explanations.  But to make up for that, a “video”…

Given the vast distances in astronomy, even fast moving objects will not appear to change their appearance in a human lifetime. Stars remain where they are. Nebulas appear the same. Day after day. Year after year.


A recent spectacular exception to this, created from the Hubble Space Telescope images from 1994 to 2008, is this time lapse of a supersonic jet in the star forming Herbig Haro 47 region.  HH47 is so close (1500 ly), and the jets of plasma so fast (150 km/s), we can see movement extending over 10,000 times the Earth-Sun distance shoot out from a forming star.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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