You stay classy, NYT

In response to a (typically tightly-reasoned and classy) New York Times op-ed comparing opponents of illegal immigration to supporters of the Fugitive Slave Act, Heather MacDonald writes:

I have never met a legal immigrant from a country other than Mexico who does not strenuously oppose illegal immigration (and indeed I know at least one naturalized Mexican resident of California who is just as vociferously against the illegal flow across the southern border). Are such legal immigrants “anti-immigrant”? Or are they against illegal immigration — a distinction which the illegal-alien lobby works incessantly to erase. If anyone would know what this country stands for, it should be legal immigrants, who have gone through the demanding process of gaining legal residency here. And they understand that what sets the U.S. apart is the rule of law — as well as how fragile that rule of law is. Legal Iranians, Egyptians, Columbians, and Nigerians oppose illegal entry not because they are xenophobic; they oppose illegal aliens because of their behavior — deliberately breaking the law as their first act upon entering the country.

Speaking as one of them legal immigrants – yes!  My family waited in line for citizenship for years, on green cards.  (And, fwiw… my father was a nuclear physicist, and we were all english-speaking.)

IMHO, the Times intentionally blurs the distinction.  Perhaps their playing of the race card on this particular issue is a sign of desperation on top of the bad faith more and more people have come to expect from The Grey Lady.

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