Govt "unchastened by its multiple failures"

Didn’t watch it.  Didn’t watch the last several of Bush’s either.  Too much theater better suited to a monarchy, and the only tangible result is (typically) a bump in POTUS approval rating.  I suspect this is what I’d think:  “Can Do Collectivism

He says that the government cannot pick the industries of the future — moments before explaining how it is going to create jobs in renewable energy. His proposal to improve the nation’s infrastructure centers on the faddish boondoggle of high-speed rail, which is wholly unsuitable for a country with our population density. He favors increased subsidies for higher education that are more likely to increase college tuitions than to prepare our work force for the challenges of tomorrow. His plan for Social Security must consist entirely of tax increases, since he has ruled out every other expedient. He is unwilling to rethink a health-care plan that is likely to add to the country’s economic burdens: increasing insurance premiums, reducing wages, raising taxes, and adding to the national debt. Obama’s economic strategy is a high-speed train to nowhere.

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