Returning to 1967 borders

From Amir Taheri writing in the NYPost, in Why Hamas Loves Bam:

But there were no borders in 1967 — only cease-fire lines drawn at the end of the 1948 war. And there was no Palestine to have any borders — the cease-fire lines separated Israel on the one hand from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria on the other. Indeed, a return to those cease-fire lines would be tantamount to recreating a situation that had already led to two wars.

UPDATE (11/13/):
Obama knocks the Jewish state in a Muslim state that bans Israelis.” Andrew McCarthy reminds that Indonesia may be the world’s largest Muslim nation and have a reputation for tolerance, but still does not acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.  Also mentioned:  “in 2007 polling by the University of Maryland, 53 percent of Indonesian Muslims agreed that there ought to be “a strict application of sharia law in every Islamic country.”
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