2012 Senate

Politics rarely follow a straight-line projection, and this recent election may end up being the 3rd of 4 (or more) straight wave elections.   If the economy goes sideways for a decade, as it did in Japan when they followed policies similar to those enacted in the past two years, it could be mirrored by a decade of “political sideways” until one party unlocks the code.

But it won’t stop the junkies, like me, thinking about the next cycle.

There are 10 Senate Dems up in 2012 that come from red or purple-that-went-red-this-time states:

Ben Nelson – NE; Bill Nelson – FL; Kent Conrad – ND
Claire McCaskill – MO; Jon Tester – MT; Jim Webb – VA
Bob Casey – PA; Herb Kohl – WI; Debbie Stabenow – MI
Jeff Bingaman – NM

These 10 may show some willingness to work across the aisle to protect themselves.  Kohl and Nelson (Ben) are also a possible retirements (ages 77 and 71 in 2012), as are Feinstein (79) in CA and Akaka (88) in HI.  On the GOP side there’s only Luger (80) in IN as likely retiree, and Scott Brown in MA as obviously vulnerable.

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