Self interest, rightly understood

One of my least favorite aspects of American politics is the Utopian notion that it can be shorn of the “ugly.”  It’s a hardy perennial:  somehow we can make it pure, and not subject to partisanship, rancor, or negative campaigning.  That somehow we can all agree and there will be no special interests, horse-trading, or log-rolling.  Money will have no influence.

The genius of our system is that it assumes those ‘ugly’ things are, always have been and always will be part of politics – but we mitigate the effects by pitting factions against each other within a framework of checks and balances.

Here’s a great video from Reason.  “Politics aint beanbag.”  Or, as Reagan put it:  “They say politics is the second oldest profession, but it bears a striking resemblance to the first.”

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