APOD IX.V – some Greatest Hits

I had some time to surf through portions of the NASA library that pre-date my fortnightly exercise and cherry-pick enough for a mid-fortnight posting (a sennight).

Much of what passes for art nowadays strikes me as little more than yet another (yawn) transgressive attempt to shock the bourgeoisie.  I wouldn’t be surprised if years from now historians consider the fantastic images we’re collecting of the universe and the subatomic universe to be the pinnacle of our era’s artistic achievement.

Think of the technology, ambition, and imagination involved to remotely capture and transmit back over enormous distances such beauty – revealing beauty that teaches and inspires and echoes the holy.

Can that compete with dung smeared on MaryPickled cows? A crucifix in urine?  This Philistine wishes he could be around to learn The Future’s answer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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