Well… maybe the shuttle has been useful these past two decades

The X-37B: Skynet I?

Since our carriers are going to be useless against China, I’m glad we’re at least doing something to keep them honest.

Now if only we’d also take their rampant spying more seriously…

Hard to shoot down something that combines “an airplane’s agility with a spacecraft’s capacity to travel in orbit at 5 miles per second.”

Wow - tiny.

From the 4/23/10 DailyMail:

Dr Joan Johnson-Freese, chair of national security and decision making at the US Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, told the BBC the launch was something of an experiment for the military.

‘It might be at this point in time that (the US Air Force is) going to roll the dice and see if something good happens,’ she said.

‘If it does, they’ll continue with it. Otherwise, this will be another one of those projects that goes into a bin somewhere.’

She claimed the US military had wanted a craft with the ability to loiter in space for some time.

‘If it lives up to its speculated hype, it could be a manoeuvrable satellite,’ she said.

You could move it to, for example, hover over the straits of Taiwan and it could evade attempts to shoot it down. It could do a lot of things that up until this point have been mostly fiction.’

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