There are other reasons…

Anne Applebaum in the WaPo today reminds that there are other reasons to support (reasonable, gradual) changes in how we produce and consume carbon-based energy.  Her column was inspired by a nine-year-old who didn’t see the point in doing homework since the earth will be destroyed before he’s an adult.

I’ll pause here to point out that I enthusiastically support renewable energy, believe strongly in the imposition of a carbon tax and am furthermore convinced that a worldwide shift away from fossil fuels would have hugely positive geopolitical consequences, even leaving aside the environmental benefits. It’s true that I’m not crazy about the Kyoto climate negotiation process, of which the Copenhagen summit is the latest stage. But I’m even more disturbed by the apocalyptic and the anti-human prejudices of the climate change movement, some of which do indeed filter down to children as young as 9.

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