Dances with Smurfs & the ‘liberal tell’

Dances with Smurfs

Cartman trys to convince Papa Smurf that he loves Smurfette

Once again, South Park nails it in a way that will probably do more to kill any buzz over Avatar than any formal movie review.  (This particular episode also did a nice job of skewering conservative TV pundits.)

Thud [John J. Miller]

John Nolte of Big Hollywood on that movie with the big-nosed blue people:

The result is “Avatar,” a sanctimonious thud of a movie so infested with one-dimensional characters and PC clichés that not a single plot turn – small or large – surprises. I call it the “liberal tell,” where the early and obvious politics of the film gives away the entire story before the second act begins, and “Avatar” might be the sorriest example of this yet. For all the time and money and technology that went into its making, the thing that matters most – character and story – are strictly Afterschool Special.

What a crushing disappointment from one of our most original and imaginative filmmakers.

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