Funny how selective green risk aversion is.

I lived/worked in TN while Gore was Senator, and my employer (F-500) frequently sought his help on various matters.  He was known as a pseudo-intellectual blowhard even then.  As with so many things, SouthPark nailed it with ManBearPigAl Gore is Super Awesome.

Re: Innumerate Al [Steve Hayward]

John, it’s even worse than you think. The prospect for “hot rock” geothermal isn’t very good because, in many locations, the drilling activity causes seismic problems. One early pilot geothermal project in Switzerland recently caused an earthquake and had to be shut down. People who worked on this and other projects (a friend of mine was involved in the Switzerland project) are very pessimistic about the whole idea. At best, geothermal will only provide a tiny fraction of our energy needs, at a very high cost. Drilling those deep wells is hugely expensive.

Now the irony here is that enviros, who are raising red flags about the risks of “fracking” (hydraulic fracturing) to extract natural gas from shale and coal beds, haven’t uttered a peep about the seismic risk of geothermal drilling. Funny how selective the green risk aversion is. In any other area, Gore would be leading the charge against it. And there’s another geothermal test well going in soon in an earthquake zone in northern California. The only way Gore will come out against geothermal is if they accidentally find oil and gas along the way.

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The Science Is Sizzled [Mark Steyn]

Derb, Al Gore’s being a little more than merely innumerate when he breezily asserts that the temperature of the earth’s interior is “several million degrees.” His entire, highly lucrative shtick rests on the proposition that a one-degree increase in surface temperature in the course of a century imperils not merely the poor old polar bear, not merely the planet itself, but is “altering the balance of energy between our planet and the rest of the universe.” But he’s so insouciant about “several million degrees” boiling away a couple of miles under his loafers that he can’t even be bothered getting it right to within three figures.

It makes you wonder whether even he believes any of this stuff.

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